Authentic Christianity volume 5: Acts 7:30-60

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D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones was convinced that Acts 7 is not only one of the great chapters of the Bible but one that is vital to a right understanding of what it means to be a Christian.

One of the reasons why today’s church has lost its power is because it has become so much like the world. Tragically the world has entered the church and there has been a lowering of all the standards. Behind all this is the foolish notion that Christians can win people by being like them. Yet the world remains unchanged and the church is considered an irrelevance.

But the striking feature of Acts 7 is the amazing contrast between Stephen and those who opposed him. Here is a Christian who is so different from the world — so Christlike, so uncompromising, so faithful (even unto death), yet so full of power and of the Holy Spirit that the impact of his witness on the world is still being felt 2,000 years later!

 Authentic Christianity, Volume 5 consists of eighteen evangelistic sermons preached in Westminster Chapel on Sunday evenings between March and July 1967. In them all, Dr Lloyd-Jones directs his hearers away from the bankruptcy and confusion of modern thought to the only source of hope for his or any generation, the unchanging ‘gospel of God, concerning his Son, Jesus Christ our Lord’.


1 The God Who Intervenes 1
2 The Miracle of Salvation 20
3 God Has Come Down 36
4 Complete Victory 52
5 God Has Spoken 66
6 God’s Living Word 84
7 The Message of God 101
8 The Purpose of the Law 116
9 Prophet, Priest, and King 133
10 The Coming of the Spirit 148
11 Listen to Him 163
12 Listen to the Gospel 181
13 The Heart of Unbelief 196
14 The Folly of Humanity 213
15 God Gave Them Up 230
16 Religion 245
17 Uncircumcised in Heart and Ears 261
18 Lord Jesus 278

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