“Doubt Not…But Earnestly Believe”: A Fresh Look at the BCP Baptism Service

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Whilst Common Worship (2000) provides a Book of Common Prayer Communion (BCP) in modern English, sadly there is no such provision for the BCP baptism service. For some Anglican evangelicals this may not seem to be a particularly regrettable omission.


There are those who might not be persuaded of the biblical mandate for baptising infants, whilst others might have concerns over some of the language used that may appear to affirm ‘baptismal regeneration’.


This booklet is an attempt not only to engage with those questions and concerns but also to proffer an enthusiastic support for the theology and liturgical content of the BCP Baptism service. It has a great emphasis on the covenantal grace of God which encourages Christian parents to “doubt not – but earnestly believe” in God’s faithfulness and mercy. In so doing it directs our primary focus to our promise-keeping God and not to ourselves.

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