Dream Small (Pre Order) Coming September 2022

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Dream Small

The Secret Power of the Ordinary Christian Life

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The Secret Power of the Ordinary Christian Life

We are all looking for significance and meaning in our lives. The world tells us that this comes from dreaming big, achieving personal success and making a big impact. But the Bible says that self-worth is found in knowing our Creator, and contentment is found in discovering his purpose for our lives.

This book reminds us that when we know Jesus, we are free from the world’s definition of success. We can listen to God’s word and direct our dreams towards the things that he says matter most, even if they are small and unimpressive in the world’s eyes.

Celebrate the dreams God has for us: serving others, investing in individuals and living faithfully. Although these things seem small, their impact will be bigger, and their rewards will be better, than anything we could dream for ourselves.


  • Chapter 1: Big Dreams, Big Frustrations
  • Chapter 2: It’s a Small World After All
  • Chapter 3: Size Matters Not
  • Chapter 4: A Small Part, a Big Story
  • Chapter 5: The Upside-Down Ladder
  • Chapter 6: Small People, Big Value
  • Chapter 7: Big Dreams Need a Small Foundation
  • Chapter 8: Small Choices, Big Changes
  • Chapter 9: Small Dreams, Big Rewards

Michael A.G. Haykin

Chair and professor of church history and director, The Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; author, Loving God and Neighbor with Samuel Pearce

At its heart, the Christian faith demands a transformation of our values: “Deny yourself”… “the first shall be last”… “make it your ambition to lead a quiet life.” While Christians know these things, so often we fail to live by them. This little book by Seth Lewis is a powerful reminder of their importance and a needed call to value supremely what ultimately matters to the God who made us and gives us every ounce of strength. In some ways, it is an easy read. But if we listen to what the Spirit is saying through this book, it is tough, for it demands being counter-cultural, even within the Church. Hoping this book gets a wide reading.


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