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Would God be enough if we were to lose everything else? Would we be able to say, with Habakkuk, that although we had no means of support, no food, nothing to drink, we would rejoice in the Lord ? This is a challenging book. Jonathan brings Habbakuk’s prophecy to life, showing how we can take God with us into our darkest times. Habakkuk wrestles with God: he shouts his questions, roars his unhappiness and then he waits and listens. Let Habakkuk take you through your daily life, with all its pains and problems, and find for yourself that the Lord is enough.

Jonathan Lamb worked with UCCF and IFES and is now with Langham Partnership International. He recently served as Chairman of the Keswick Convention and continues to be part of the Keswick Council, as well as having an international speaking ministry. He is author of several books.

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Lamb, Jonathan, (Author)

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Authentic Media (2007), 144 pages

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