Misreading Scripture With Individualist Eyes

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The Bible was written within collectivist cultures. When Westerners, immersed in individualism, read the Bible, it’s easy to misinterpret important elements—or miss them altogether. In any culture, the most important things usually go without being said. So to read Scripture well we benefit when we uncover the unspoken social structures and values of its world. We need to recalibrate our vision.Combining the expertise of a biblical scholar and a missionary practitioner, Misreading Scripture with Individualist Eyes is an essential guidebook to the cultural background of the Bible and how it should inform our reading. E. Randolph Richards and Richard James explore deep social structures of the ancient Mediterranean—kinship, patronage, and brokerage—along with their key social tools—honor, shame, and boundaries—that the biblical authors lived in and lie below the surface of each text. From Abraham, Sarah, and Hagar to Peter’s instructions to elders, the authors strip away individualist assumptions and bring the world of the biblical writers to life.Expanding on the popular Misreading Scripture with Western Eyes, this book makes clear how understanding collectivism will help us better understand the Bible, which in turn will help us live more faithfully in an increasingly globalized world.


About the Authors

 E. Randolph RichardsE. Randolph Richards (PhD, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary) is provost and professor of biblical studies in the School of Ministry at Palm Beach Atlantic University. He is a popular speaker and has authored and coauthored dozens of books and articles, including Paul Behaving Badly, A Little Book for New Bible Scholars, Rediscovering Jesus, Misreading Scripture with Western Eyes, Rediscovering Paul, The Story of Israel, and Paul and First-Century Letter Writing.

Richard James (pseudonym) is a crosscultural trainer and is involved in leading church planting teams in the Middle East. He has researched collectivism, honor-shame, and patronage dynamics in a number of modern Arab communities. In addition to developing cultural and linguistic training programs, he has also mentored people adjusting to Middle-Eastern cultures and has discipled local believers.

Richard is passionate about connecting the collective nature of the Biblical texts with the collective nature of modern communities in the Middle-East, and he regularly speaks on these subjects at training conferences in the Middle-East and elsewhere.

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Richards, E. Randolph, (Author), James, Richard, (Author)

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IVP Academic (2020), 304 pages

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