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Is there a God? And perhaps, more to the point, if there is a God, what real difference will it make to my life?

These are the most basic and universal of questions, and yet we don’t usually take much time to think about them.

In Naked God, former lawyer Martin Ayers provides an opportunity for the reader to do just that: to ask the awkward questions, to sift through the evidence, and to get to the truth about God. He writes:

‘In his famous book and TV series, The Naked Chef, it wasn’t Jamie Oliver who was naked; it was the food. Jamie Oliver succeeded in stripping down the food to its bare but glorious essentials.

And that’s what we need to do with God. We need to look at the evidence and find out what it uncovers. We need to strip away any false ideas we’ve developed from our culture or background, and reveal the truth. This is the truth about God, exposed. This is Naked God.’

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Ayers, Martin, (Author)

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Matthias Media (2010), 192 pages

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