Prayer Praise & Prophecy

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In the Garden of Eden, God walked with Adam and Eve face to face – then the fall separated us. The Psalms are God’s gift to us to help reestablish contact, understand his mind and how to connect with him.

Geoffrey Grogan seeks to introduce us to some of the theological dimensions of this important and much love bible book such as:

    • How have the Psalms been interpreted throughout History?

    • Who wrote them and is there a Purpose in their structure?

    • What were they used for and how should we use them today?

    • What do they teach us about God?

  • How are they fulfilled in Christ?

Dr Geoffrey W. Grogan (1925-2011) was Principal Emeritus of Glasgow Bible College, Glasgow. His theological studies were undertaken there and at the London Bible College. He served the College as a full-time lecturer for fourteen years before going south in 1965 to teach at LBC. In 1969 he returned to Glasgow as Principal. He served on four missionary councils, on the Strathclyde Education Committee and the Management Committee for the Cambridge University Diploma in Religious Studies. He wrote books on the Trinity, the Person of Christ, Paul, the Psalms and commentaries on Isaiah, Mark and 2 Corinthians.

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Grogan, Geoffrey, (Author)

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Mentor (2009), Edition: Revised edition, 336 pages

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