Preaching With Balance: Achieving and Maintaining Biblical Priorities in Preaching

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Imagine that preaching is like a ‘see-saw’ or ‘teeter-totter’. It is not much fun unless the people on both sides are roughly equal in weight. If not then one will suspended in the air, the other stuck on the ground both going nowhere!

Is this what you want of your congregation? Are they left high and dry or down in the dumps by their experience.

Donald Hamilton doesn’t want them to suffer this fate! Preaching with balance is intended primarily for those who preach to the same congregation on a regular basis.

This is the situation that most preachers find themselves in, yet most preaching books seem more intent on just providing a boost to the preacher without giving advice on how to maintain an improvement in preaching.

Preaching with a balance comes complete with useful appendices on developing an annual preaching plan, planning topical and linear sermon sets and includes a useful sermon evaluation form.

Stephen F. Olford Professor of Preaching, Columbia International University, Columbia, South Carolina

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Hamilton, Donald, (Author)

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Mentor (2007), Edition: Revised edition, 416 pages

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