Refracted Glory DVD

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From ancient legends to modern marvels not fully understood, “Refracted Glory” dives into the centuries of intrigue surrounding hummingbirds. David Rives navigates multiple areas of inquiry through captivating interviews with leading experts.  Watch amazing slow-motion footage of the awe-inspiring hummingbird, filmed exclusively for this documentary.  Explore the physics of hovering flight alongside scientists, pilots and engineers.  Learn about hummingbird biology – and why finding their fossils in Europe is significant. Topics such as; engineering, history, and biology combine to present a truly meaningful message.  Two composers worked together to create the musical backdrop for “Refracted Glory” — an original score as dynamic as hummingbirds themselves.  Learn about helicopters from pilot Brandon Hummingbird and understand hummingbird flight with the help of Professor Andy McIntosh.  Ken Ham and Michael Oard guide us through an unexpected fossil discovery.  David Menton talks about the extraordinary vision of hummingbirds and Christopher Witt tells of hovering giants.  Join our study of hummingbirds as we venture into ancient history, modern engineering, intriguing discoveries and eternal Truth.

DETAILS: – Running Time : 90 minutes – Special Features : Extended Interview Content – Printed Discussion Guide Included – Includes Hummingbird Mini-Poster


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