Romans 8.5-17 The Sons of God

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This volume deals with momentous questions such as the doctrine of Sanctification and the baptism with the Holy Spirit. It, therefore, deals with matters which are not crucial in the living of the Christian Life, but also highly controversial.

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One 1
Glorification the ultimate end of salvation – complete restoration in Christ – our position as children of God – present suffering in the light of future glory.
Two 55
Wrong reactions to suffering – surprise, doubts, false optimism, world ­reform and resignation – the uniqueness of Paul’s teaching – a logical deduction from Christian doctrine – for Christians only.
Three 68
Reasons for Paul’s confidence – a correct estimate of the present age – an understanding of the revelation at Christ’s coming – apostolic confirmation – personal share in the glory.
Four 42
Minimizing sufferings – light weight by contrast – man’s sin and the present state of the creation – futility, corruption and bondage – the curse.
Five 55
Important deductions about evolution – the creation’s hope of deliverance ­the grounds of this hope – the glory of Christ, of His people and of creation.
Six 68
The manifestation of the sons of God – the glorification of the body ­physical and spiritual perfection – our reserved inheritance – the creation’s share in our glory – Paradise regained.
Seven 82
The eternal state and the millennium – death and heaven – glorified bodies on a glorified earth – Satan’s final defeat – effects on our outlook in this world – groaning and waiting.
Eight 95
Understanding and rejoicing – the sphere of hope – the tenses of salvation – claiming too little or too much – an earnest looking forward.
Nine 106
Hope in practice – eager expectation and unwearying endurance – balance of mind and emotions – attaining this condition.
Ten 120
The further work of the Holy Spirit – infirmity arising from the Fall ­knowing what to pray for – the perplexity of the saints – Christ’s experience.
Eleven 131
An additional proof of our sonship – the Spirit’s help – intercession through wordless groanings – God’s understanding – God’s plan for the saints.
Twelve 143
Practical lessons – the mystery of prayer – unbelievers and prayer – types of prayer – rules and cautions about prayer – the prayer of faith.
Thirteen 158
A consolation for lovers of God – God’s working for our good – good and bad things – the effects of trials – awakening, humbling and teaching.
Fourteen 171
God’s control and use of evil – chastisement – withdrawals of blessing ­illumination – the Christian’s knowledge – its sources in Scripture and Church history.
Fifteen 183
Personal application of the consolation – loving God – the effectual call ­tests of our calling.
Sixteen 195
The final perseverance of the saints – the necessity for reverence – pre­destination not for unbelievers – pastoral setting – the key to understanding.
Seventeen 206
God’s purpose before the foundation of the world – its outworking – the certainty of its completion – the plan seen in the Old Testament – its guarantee in the character of God.
Eighteen 217
The error of universalism – conformity to the image of Christ – a derived likeness – brethren of Christ – the last Adam and His glorified humanity.
Nineteen 229
The glorifying of Christ, the ultimate object and supreme guarantee of our salvation – God’s purpose carried out in detail – determinate foreknowledge – foreordination – everlasting love.
Twenty 240
Predestination – calling, the middle link in the chain – the power of the Holy Spirit with the call – quickening and faith – the new disposition and the will.
Twenty-one 251
Justification – a new status and relationship – glorification – Paul’s use of the past tense – the omission of mention of sanctification.
Twenty-two 263
Difficulties with the doctrine of final perseverance – helping the genuinely perplexed – theological and practical problems – alleged Scriptural proofs of falling from grace.
Twenty-three 276
Canons of interpretation for problem passages – avoiding philosophy ­comparing Scripture with Scripture – proof texts – details and context – John Gill on 2 Peter 2:1.
Twenty-four 292
More principles of interpretation – individuals, churches and offices – further passages examined – testing our profession of Christianity.
Twenty-five 304
Warning passages – the church, visible and invisible – the danger of a false profession of faith – the parables in Matthew 25 – denying justification by faith.
Twenty-six 317
Consideration of Hebrews 6:4-8 and 10:26-29 – difficult expressions explained – extraordinary experiences without regeneration – denial of the gospel – the threefold purpose of the warning passages.
Twenty-seven 334
The unbreakable chain – stress on God’s activity in salvation -previous assertions in the Epistle recalled – death to sin and the law – the new birth – union with Christ.
Twenty-eight 345
Further arguments for final perseverance – eternal life – the nature of the church – the function of chastisement – the doctrine of the remnant.
Twenty-nine 356
Implications of denying the doctrine – assertion of man’s ability – failure to glorify God – denial of Christ’s work – alignment with unbelievers and disagreement with the greatest members of the church.
Thirty 367
The Apostle’s method of argument – the challenges stated – the forces against us – God for us.
Thirty-one 378
The certainty of God’s work being completed – assurance from doctrine ­the meaning of the Cross – God’s action at Calvary – God’s own Son.
Thirty-two 389
The sufferings of Christ – forsaken by the Father – for us – the measure of God’s love – the inevitability of Paul’s conclusion.
Thirty-three 400
Discussion of the relation of questions and answers – God’s elect – the devil and his accusations – God, the One justifying – the key importance of the doctrine of justification.
Thirty-four 413
Condemnation unthinkable – Christ’s death the basis of our justification – God’s justice in justification – the resurrection and assurance.
Thirty-five 426
Christ’s ascension and heavenly session – our great High Priest – the completion of His work – the nature of His intercession – the guarantee of mercy and grace.
Thirty-six 440
The danger of failing under severe trials – security in Christ’s love to us ­’more than conquerors’ – God’s love in Christ – conquered enemies – the Apostle’s absolute certainty.

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