Stumbling Blocks

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It can be your own pain or a friend’s that leaves you wondering where God really is. It can be the loss of someone close, the sudden disappearance of that big chance or a deep spiritual ache that no-one understands. And sometimes everything you’ve learnt in church is no help at all – prayers seem to fall flat and you feel mocked by your own faith.


‘Stumbling Blocks’ is born out of real life pain and a realisation of just how fragile faith can be. So many issues can cause you to walk away from God – as so many have. So how do you hold on to God through the deep questions, the pain, broken dreams and disappointment – times when God should be at his most real? Authors Gavin and Anne know the kind of personal suffering that tests faith to the limit. Every day their work brings them into contact with hurting young people. They don’t have all the answers, but they show how to meet the questions head-on. That’s because they’ve been through it all themsleves.

Gavin and Anne Calver were never likely to ever have a family. Struggling to conceive they lost a baby and endured one of the most challenging pregnancies imaginable. Even after thirteen blood transfusions – nine of them “in utero”, with brain damage and cardiac arrest a real possibility, their second baby had only a five per cent chance of survival. ‘Stumbling Blocks’ is for when you – like Gavin and Anne, need to know that whatever challenge is in your way walking through it with God will lead you out so much the stronger.


Gavin and Anne Caliver 

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Calver, Gavin, (Author), Calver, Anne, (Contributor)

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Monarch (2012), Edition: UK ed., 160 pages

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