Table Talk Magazine (April 2020)

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The April 2020 issue of Tabletalk will examine several commonly misunderstood doctrines. Many people have observed that Christianity is a religion of orthodoxy, that our faith is centered more on what we believe than on what we do. As such, doctrinal discussion and teaching have always occupied an essential role in the Christian church. Over the centuries, believers have devoted themselves to the study of Scripture and the formulation of doctrines to help Christians properly understand the character of God and the nature of salvation. Despite the best efforts of many churches, pastors, and theologians, however, many Christian doctrines—especially doctrines prized in the Reformed tradition—continue to be misunderstood and misapplied by believers. This issue of Tabletalk will seek to help correct this problem by looking at several commonly misunderstood doctrines, defining them properly and explaining their proper application.

Contributors include Chad Van Dixhoorn, Jonathan Gibson, James N. Anderson, Guy M. Richard, Jon D. Payne, Roland Barnes, Kim Riddlebarger, Robert Rothwell, Stafford Carson, Michael E. Osborne, Andrew M. Davis, and Rosaria Butterfield.

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