Table Talk Magazine (July 2020)

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The July 2020 issue of Tabletalk will provide an overview of biblical anthropology by considering the fourfold state of humanity. From ancient figures such as Augustine to eighteenth-century churchmen such as Thomas Boston to modern theologians, the greatest Christian thinkers have recognized that Scripture presents a coherent doctrine of humanity (theological anthropology) that defines our dignity, our needs, our purpose, and our destiny. Sadly, too many people today lack a basic grounding in the Bible’s doctrine of man, leaving them unprepared to deal with the many attacks on who we are as God’s image bearers. In the interest of helping readers better grasp who they and who their fellow human beings are, this issue will consider the doctrine of humanity in its fourfold state, explaining what the Lord says about us, how sin has affected us, and how those who have been redeemed in Christ will bear His perfect image in glory.

Contributors include Richard P. Belcher Jr., William VanDoodewaard, Cornelis P. Venema, Sinclair B. Ferguson, Mark G. Johnston, Ken Jones, Tim Keesee, David Strain, Joel E. Smit, Craig Sheppard, Bill Green, and Robert Rothwell.

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