Table Talk Magazine (March 2020)

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The March 2020 issue of Tabletalk will focus on the topic of fear. In this world, there is much to be afraid of, and most of us go through life with many fears on our hearts. Some of these fears are conscious, and others we may not be aware of; nevertheless, we are a fearful people, often driven by our fears to do foolish things. Importantly, Christians do not escape the reality of fear. We can be just as fearful as nonbelievers, though we often do not admit or confront our fears, believing that walking by faith means never acknowledging what we are afraid of. The answer to fear, however, is not to deny that it exists but to look to the Lord, who commands us again and again to “fear not.” Knowing who God is and that He is for His people is the only way to find lasting comfort. This issue of Tabletalk will seek to help Christians understand their fears better, to be willing to admit their fears, and to find comfort for their fears in God.

Contributors include Ed Welch, Keith A. Evans, Mike Emlet, John P. Sartelle Sr., Rebecca VanDoodewaard, Jon Nielson, Jeremy Pierre, Jayne V. Clark, Kevin Struyk, John Perritt, Lou Priolo, Eric B. Watkins, Christina Fox, Guy Prentiss Waters, Jay Thomas, Peter Y. Lee, Mark G. Johnston, Ken Jones, Tim Keesee, David Strain, and Thomas Brewer.

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