Table Talk Magazine (October 2020)

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The October 2020 issue of Tabletalk will give an overview of covenant theology. Covenant theology has long been a central feature of Reformed theology because covenant theology is nothing less than the theology of Scripture. However, it takes time to grasp covenant theology and all its implications and applications, and the sharp distinctions that many traditions make between the various biblical covenants can make things even more confusing for people in the church. Fully understanding and embracing covenant theology does much good for the Christian life and one’s interpretation of the Bible, so it is vital that believers have a basic grasp of a covenantal reading of Scripture. This issue will seek to help readers better understand covenant theology by exploring its basics and the many ways it applies to the Christian life.

Contributors include Keith A. Mathison, R. Scott Clark, Robert Rothwell, Donny Friederichsen, Guy Prentiss Waters, Mark G. Johnston, Ken Jones, Tim Keesee, David Strain, Kevin D. Gardner, Jeremy Walker, Stephen J. Adams, Matthew H. Patton, and Andrea Krazeise.

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