Talking with Catholics about the Gospel

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There are 78.2 million Catholics in the United States, representing one of the country’s largest demographics. In Talking with Catholics about the Gospel, author Chris Castaldo answers the question: How can evangelical Protestants, most of whom are not from a Catholic background, understand and relate to Catholics in spiritual conversations?

The book provides an easy-to-follow introduction to basic Catholic belief and practice, equipping evangelical Protestants for more fruitful spiritual conversations.

Written in accessible, non-technical language, it offers readers:

  • a more informed awareness of Catholicism.
  • encouragement to move from a combative posture to a gracious one.
  • clarification of erroneous caricatures of Catholics in favor of a more constructive understanding.

Based in part on Castaldo’s experience as a Catholic and time spent working professionally in the Catholic Church, the book gives readers a framework for recognizing where lines of similarity and difference fall between Catholics and evangelical Protestants, along with handy tips for engaging in spiritual discussions.

Readers will gain encouragement and practical insights for gracious and worthwhile discussions of faith with Catholic believers.


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