Teaching the Christian Hope: Unlocking Biblical Eschatology for the Bible Teacher

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What does the future hold? The world is lacking in any real hope. Our culture is characterised by blind people hurtling headlong into hedonism – making sure that all the right boxes of experience are ticked before we die. What can the church offer?

This is a book for Bible teachers and readers about what are often regarded as controversial and difficult areas of Scripture; it sets out to enable us to teach with clarity and purpose what will happen in the ‘End Times’.

There are six major themes connected with the Christian hope in the future. Each chapter uses one or two key passages that explain one of the major themes of eschatology and then covers the main elements that need to be answered within that theme.

The hallmark of this series of books is that each one teaches the truth of God’s Scriptures and also offers real help for those involved in teaching the material to others. Each chapter is clearly divided into ‘teachable’ sections with headings and sub-headings. These aid the reader to recognise the teaching flow of the doctrinal elements under discussion.

About the author:

David Jackman is the past President of the Proclamation Trust and the founder–director of its Cornhill Training Course. Its aim is to train and equip a new generation of Biblical preachers, which he still actively pursues in retirement, through his own preaching, writing, leading workshops and producing training materials. Previously he was the minister of Above Bar Church, Southampton.

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Christian Focus (2008), Edition: Revised edition, 144 pages

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