Tell Me the Story

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Alex retells these eye–witness stories of Jesus. These people tell their stories as eye witnesses of those who were actually there. They are:

Mary, mother of Jesus, Gaius Maximus, centurion, Joanna’s story of John The Baptist, woman at the well, Simon the Pharisee, Gadarene Demoniac, Jairus, Simon Peter, Rich ruler, Bartimaeus & Zacchaeus, John and Marcellus a Roman officer.

Using Biblical, contemporary and background data, Alex MacDonald skilfully tells the stories of those who were with Jesus at key points in his life.

It unfolds as if you were on the spot looking on. The stories are based on factual evidence of what really happened. This book will capture your imagination causing you to ask “What would my reaction have been if I had been there?” or “Was this really what happened”?

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MacDonald, Alex, (Author)

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Christian Focus (2008), 144 pages

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