Theoretical – Practical Theology

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Petrus van Mastricht’s Theoretical and Practical Theology presents one of the most comprehensive methods of treating Christian doctrine. In it, Mastricht treats every theological topic according to a four-part approach: exegetical, dogmatic, elenctic, and practical. As a body of divinity, it combines a rigorous, scholastic treatment of doctrine with the pastoral aim of preparing people to live for God through Christ. Students and pastors will find it a valuable model for moving from the text of Scripture to doctrinal formulation that will edify the people of God.

Volume 1, Prolegomena, provides an introduction to doing systematic theology. Mastricht begins by addressing the nature of theology, wherein he lays out the proper method, subject matter, and definition of theology. He then discusses Scripture as the rule of doing theology, as it is the only infallible source and foundation for knowing God. Finally, Mastricht gives his rationale for the best distribution of theological topics. This volume also includes Mastricht’s homiletical aid “The Best Method of Preaching,” as well as a biographical sketch by Adriaan Neele to help readers understand the significance of Mastricht’s life and ministry.


  • Editor’s Preface
  • Abbreviations
  • Translator’s Preface
  • Biographical Introduction
  • Funeral Oration
  • The Best Method of Preaching

The Prolegomena of Theoretical-Practical Theology

1699 Dedication

1699 Preface

Methodical Arrangement of the Whole Work


1. The Nature of Theology

a. The Method of Theology

b. The Definitum of Theology

c. The Definition of Theology

2. Holy Scripture

3. The Distribution of Theology

Scripture Index

Subject Index

Author & Editors

Petrus van Mastricht (1630–1706) was a Dutch theologian who studied at Utrecht under Gisbertus Voetius and Johannes Hoornbeeck. He pastored churches in the Netherlands and taught at the universities of Duisburg and Utrecht. His Theoretical and Practical Theology was praised by many as one of the great works of systematic theology and is noted for treating Christian doctrine comprehensively from its exegetical foundations to its practical use for one’s soul.

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Van Mastricht, Petrus, (Author), Beeke, Joel R., (Editor)

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Reformation Heritage Books (2018), 336 pages

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