The Design and Origin of Man

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Have humans descended from apes, or was man specially created? Do humans have unique characteristics and abilities that set them apart from all the animals? The answers to these crucial questions determine whether man is just an animal or a special spiritual being. This book shows that there is overwhelming evidence that man has a Creator. The book has many diagrams and includes: explanation of similarities between humans and apes; unique characteristics of humans; unique beauty of humans; archaeological and fossil evidence; the importance and relevance of the origins debate.

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Stuart Burgess has taught engineering design at Cambridge University and Bristol University. He has also carried out spacecraft design for the European Space Agency. In 1989 he received a Design Council Prize for engineering design presented by the Minister of State for Trade and Industry. In 1993 he received the Turners Gold Medal for the design of the solar array deployment mechanism on the £1.4 billion ENVISAT satellite (presented by the Vice Chancellor of City University).

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Burgess, Stuart, (Author)

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Day One Publications (2013), Edition: 2nd, 170 pages

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