The Fifth Pillar

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An educated, young Arab Muslim, Nabil, performed the Haj, the fifth pillar of Islam, the pilgrimage to the Ka’abah at Mecca. But his spiritual journey was to result in a radically different discovery. It was revealed to him that the ultimate divine truth was not in formal religion but a dying Redeemer. Not in practices but in a Person. He and his Polish wife, Renata, faced many uphill struggles. Layers of red tape and bureaucracy proved frustrating to the point of despair. Yet God was always that step ahead, providing for them at times, and in ways, they least expected. Nabil’s burning desire since conversion has been to present the Gospel in Arabic to the Muslim world, and God has opened doors for him to achieve that goal through writing and broadcasting. The couple are now engaged in a spiritually fulfilling ministry. Nabil can’t ever return to his native Syria. It could cost him his life to do so. God, however, in His divine plan and wisdom, is bringing Syrian refugees to them. Nabil and Renata count it a privilege to show and teach these displaced, and often desperate, people, the wonderful love of Christ.


Noel Davidson and David Zeidan

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