The Message of Ezekiel

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Ezekiel comes to us as a stranger from a distant time and land. Who is this priest who, on his thirtieth birthday, has a dazzling vision of God on a wheeled throne? Who is this odd prophet who engages in outlandish street theatre and speaks for God on international affairs? Who is this seer who paints murals of apocalyptic doom and then of a restored temple bursting with emblems of paradise? Are we bound to take this literally, reading prophet and newspaper side by side? Or is there a better way?

Christopher Wright is a proven interpreter and communicator of the Old Testament, and in this commentary he masterfully opens our eyes to see and understand the message of Ezekiel. Ezekiel’s vision of the glory of God–its departure and return–is first set within Israel’s history and then in the culmination of God’s promises in Christ. Embedded in the pattern of the strange, the bizarre and the wonderful is a word that still speaks to God’s people today.



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1. Ezekiel and his times
2. Ezekiel and his mission
3. Ezekiel and his book

1. Wheels withing wheels: Ezekiel’s call vision (1:1–3:15)
Introduction: Who, when and where? (1:1-3)
1. The vision of God’s glory (1:4-28)
2. The reality of God’s presence
3. The hardness of God’s people (2:1-17; 3:4-7)
4. The mission of God’s prophets (2:8–3:3; 3:8-11)
Conclusion: Back home (3:12-15)

2. Theatre of the doomed: Ezekiel’s first years in ministry (3:16–5:17)
1. The actors (3:16–5:17)
2. The drama (4:1–5:4)
3. The message (5:5-17)
Appendix 1: Notes on Ezekiel 6, 7 and 12

3. Exit the glory (8:1–11:25)
1. The glory of God offended (8:5-18)
2. The glory of God defended (9:1-11)
3. The glory of God suspended (10:1-22; 11:1-23)

4. History with attitude (16:1-62; 23:1-49; 20:1-49)
1. Jerusalem: My Fair Lady (16:1-63; 23:1-49; 20:1-49)
2. Cinderella and the two ugly sisters (in reverse) (16:44-63; 23:1-49)
3. Israel – the video: rewind and fast-forward (20:1-44)
Appendix 2: Notes on Ezekiel 15, 17 and 19

5. Who then can be saved? (14:12-23; 18:1-32; 33:10-20)
1. Only the righteous will be saved (14:12-23)
2. Only the wicked need die (18: 1-29; 33:1-33)
3. Only repentence makes the difference (18:21-32; 33:10-20)

6. The turning-point (24:1-27; 33:1-33)
1. The end of the old world (24:1-27)
2. The beginning of a new world (33:1-33)
3. A preview of Ezekiel’s new message

7. ‘Then the nations will know that I am the Lord’ (25:1–32:32)
1. Against aggression and revenge: Judah’s four nearest neighbours (25:1-17)
2. Against economic arrogance: Tyre and Sidon (26:1–28:19)
3. Against imperial delusions: Egypt (29:1–32:32)
4. God and the nations: the message

8. The gospel according to Ezekiel (34:1–37:28)
1. From tyranny to theocracy (34:1-31)
2. From abandonment to abundance (35:1–36:15)
3. From profanity to purity (36:16-38)
4. From rigor mortis to resurrection (37:1-14)
5. From enmity to unity (37:15-28)

9. The glory of God revealed to the world and restored to his people (38:1–48:35)
1. The defeat of Gog and the universal acknowledgement of Yaweh (38:1–39:29)
2. The temple vision and the return of God’s glory (40:1–48:35)

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