The Promise of the Future

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Though we can never, in our time-bound state, know the future in detail, God in his mercy has not left us in complete ignorance of what is to come. His revelation in Holy Scripture has cast a flood of light on what would otherwise remain an impenetrable mystery.

Even among those who accept the Bible’s authority, however, there has never been complete agreement on what Scripture teaches in this area.

This major new examination of biblical teaching on the future of the individual, of the church and of the universe as a whole will be useful both to theological students and to informed non-specialists. Ranging over the whole field, it interacts extensively with recent literature on disputed issues, such as the nature of the intermediate state, the millennium of Revelation 20 and the doctrine of eternal punishment, always seeking to answer the fundamental question: ‘What do the Scriptures clearly teach?’ The Christ centred nature of biblical teaching on the future is emphasized, as is the importance of the church’s historic confessions for an understanding of eschatology. The chief note sounded is one of hope: ‘God’s people eagerly await Christ’s return because it promises the completion of God’ work of redemption…The future is bright because it is full of promise, the promise of God’s Word

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Venema, Cornelis P., (Author)

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Banner of Truth (2000), Edition: First Edition?, 560 pages

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