The Race set before Us

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Discipline. Endurance. Perseverance. The Christian life is like a racecourse, a marathon, set out before us. There is a reward in running well but particularly in finishing. Christians agree that this is a consistent pattern of New Testament.
But is the prize an extra bonus, a reward for having finished well? Or is the prize salvation itself? And if the prize is salvation, can it be lost? Or is everyone who has signed up and started the race guaranteed a share in the prize – even if they quit before the end or follow a different course?
Do the warnings in Scripture tell us that it’s up to us to succeed or fail in the race? If so, is there no assurance of our salvation? Or can we be assured that ‘once saved, always saved,’ and only a difference in rewards awaits us? Are there other ways of looking at these issues? These questions of perseverance in the Christian life and assurance of salvation have puzzled Christians for generations.
In this exploration of biblical theology of perseverance and assurance, Thomas Schreiner and Ardel Caneday weigh and consider all of the relevant New Testament texts. Applying sound principles of biblical interpretation and conversing with recent evangelical thought, they give us a foundational study with profound spiritual implications for Christian living and pastoral ministry.
Author: Schreiner & Caneday

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Inter-Varsity Press (2001), 350 pages

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