The Spirit Of Buddhism

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The Buddha lived about 2500 years ago in India on the borders of what is now Nepal, and achieved a unique experience which he described as “enlightenment”. Around this experience the Buddha constructed an elegant philosophy that is both simple in its character and logical in its analysis. The Buddha claimed that human beings are responsible for their own salvation, and put forward a new ideal of the holy life. This religious philosophy has given rise to great civilizations, art has flourished and scholarship has reached new heights of intellectual discussion. With the increasing popularity of the New Age Movement, Eastern religions – particularly Buddhism – have a growing fascination for the West. What is this religion? Where did it come from? What are its main tenets? This volume aims to provide a Christian perspective on Buddhist thought. David Burnett is the author of “Clash of Worlds”.

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Burnett, David, (Author)

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Monarch Books (2003), Edition: New edition, 352 pages

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