The Wisdom Pyramid

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We’re facing an information overload.

With the quick tap of a finger we can access an endless stream of addictive information—sports scores, breaking news, political opinions, streaming TV, the latest Instagram posts, and much more. Accessing information has never been easier—but acquiring wisdom is increasingly difficult.

In an effort to help us consume a more balanced, healthy diet of information, Brett McCracken has created the “Wisdom Pyramid.” Inspired by the food pyramid model, the Wisdom Pyramid challenges us to increase our intake of enduring, trustworthy sources (like the Bible) while moderating our consumption of less reliable sources (like the Internet and social media). At a time when so much of our daily media diet is toxic and making us spiritually sick, The Wisdom Pyramid suggests that we become healthy and wise when we reorient our lives around God—the foundation of truth and the eternal source of wisdom.

Table of Contents

Introduction: An Unwise Age

Part 1: Sources of Our Sickness

  1. Information Gluttony
  2. Perpetual Novelty
  3. “Look Within” Autonomy

Part 2: Sources of Our Wisdom
Introduction: Sources of Truth for a Life of Wisdom

  1. The Bible
  2. The Church
  3. Nature
  4. Books
  5. Beauty
  6. The Internet and Social Media
  7. What Wisdom Looks Like

General Index
Scripture Index


“It has been said that ‘we make our tools, and then our tools make us.’ Engaging a wide cross section of insightful analyses, Brett McCracken offers profound wisdom about how we have more information, less truth, and a shrinking capacity for identifying truth. Well-informed, vividly illustrated, and aimed toward solid answers, The Wisdom Pyramid is a must-read.”
Michael Horton, J. Gresham Machen Professor of Systematic Theology and Apologetics, Westminster Seminary California

“It is genuinely disturbing to consider how we are being shaped by our current forms of information intake. Brett McCracken’s The Wisdom Pyramid is a godsend—a pathway back to sanity and health. I believe that the proposal offered in The Wisdom Pyramid is as important for our mental and spiritual health in the modern world as a proper diet is to our physical health. On top of that, this book is beautifully written, winsome, actionable, and hopeful. Buy a copy for yourself and lots more to give away!”
Gavin Ortlund, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church of Ojai; author, Finding the Right Hills to Die On

“As a mother, I want my four children to develop the habits they need for a life of wisdom. They are quickly growing up into adults who will have to navigate for themselves the constant clicks and pings of life in our global, digital, information age. And so, I want their childhoods and teenage years—and our family life as a whole—to be intentionally formed by things that are both true and lovely. Although it’s not specifically a parenting book, The Wisdom Pyramid is a gift to parents, giving readers the essential tools to establish habits and priorities for a life of wisdom. This is a helpful book, and it’s also a hopeful book. It’s helpful because Brett McCracken writes biblically and insightfully on every page. It’s hopeful because it ultimately reveals the wise life to be the very good life.”
Megan Hill, author, Praying Together and A Place to Belong; Editor, The Gospel Coalition



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