To Know the Unknown


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The Greeks seemed to have it all worked out; they lived in a society marked by its progress and culture. But despite the outward success of their civilisation, they still sought answers to some fundamental questions: What is the meaning of life? Is there anything beyond this world? Is there a God? The past 2000 years have seen the rise and fall of civilisations and empires, but despite the apparent progress of our society the underlying questions people ask are just the same. Around 50 A.D. the Apostle Paul arrived in Athens claiming to have the answers. He was brought before the Council of the Areopagus – a hallowed institution that ruled on matters of religion and philosophy. Some of those who listened remained sceptical and others were not sure, but some believed what he had to say. Written to stimulate and provoke, Roger Carswell borrows the expertise and craftsmanship of Paul to give a modern presentation of the Bible to those deciding about their own future, to those wanting to know the unknown.


Roger Carswell 

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Carswell, Roger, (Author)

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Authentic (2004), 96 pages

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