Venture all for God

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Many Christians are familiar with The Pilgrim’s Progress, John Bunyan’s (1628–1688) famous book written from a prison cell, which portrays the Christian life as one traveling from the City of Destruction to the Celestial City. During Bunyan’s life, however, he produced nearly sixty books and tracts. Roger Duke and Phil Newton, with Drew Harris, trace the significant events that shaped Bunyan’s life and thought in a biographical introduction and, in thirty-one excerpts from a variety of this great man of faith’s writings, give us a glimpse of his piety, which flowed from his desire to “venture all for God.”

Table of Contents: 

Section One: Christ Our Advocate 

1. Advantages and Privileges for Those Who Have Jesus Christ as Advocate 

2. The Physician Who Cures Gets Himself a Name and Begets Encouragement in the Minds of Diseased Folk 

3. Things Related to the Promises of Christ Our Advocate

4. Concerning Christ’s Sacrifice

5. Concerning Eternal Security 

6. Concerning Christ’s Blood – Our Only Plea 

Section Two: Christ Jesus the Merciful Savior

7. Christ’s Mercy Offered to the Biggest Sinners

8. Christ’s Offer of Mercy 

9. Encouragement to the Unbeliever Not to Despair

10. Mercy Offered to All Sinners 

11. What is Meant by This “Water of Life”? 

Section Three: Hope for Sinners 

12. A Great Sinner’s Encouragement to Come to Christ 

13. Biggest Sinners Have the Most Need of Mercy 

14. God’s “Bending” of Men’s Hearts 

15. Born of God: A Sermon on John 1:13 

16. The Excellence of a Broken Heart before God 

17. The Questioning Soul 

18. A Contrite Heart before God 

Section Four: True Humility 

19. Four Things That Are Acceptable to God 

20. The Evil Effects of the Sin of Pride 

21. Some Signs of a Broken Heart, of a Broken and Contrite Spirit 

Section Five: Christian Ethics 

22. A Simple Christian’s View of Extortion 

23. Instructions for Righteous Trading 

24. Strictures Against Fraudulent Bankruptcy 

Section Six: The Gospel Applied 

25. What It Is to Be Offered 

26. Prison Meditations

Section Seven: Warnings 

27. God Would Show the Greatness of His Anger against Sin and Sinners 

28. Reasons or Causes for Pride 

29. Of the Unchangeableness of Eternal Reprobation 

30. Warnings to False Professors of Religion 

31. Without Godly Repentance, the Wicked Man’s Hope and Life Die Together

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Reformation Heritage Books (2012), 208 pages

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