1 Peter: 2 Volume set (A Geneva series commentary)

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John Brown’s two-volume “1 Peter” is far more than a commentary. In fact, it is less a commentary than it is an exposition, or, as Brown himself called what he was doing, a “discourse.” The result of a series of sermons preached to his congregation in Edinburgh over a period of 16 years in the early 1800s, the two volumes are divided into 24 discourses, each one on a few verses of the epistle. Written from a Reformed perspective, Brown provides a series of wonderfully perceptive theological and practical insights into the text. There are many good commentaries on the Petrine letters, but none equal what Brown has done in making the text come alive and providing a huge number of practical applications. The two volumes combined run approximately 1,200 pages, which will give some idea of the amount of material contained in them.

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