The Book Your Pastor Wishes You Would Read

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The Book Your Pastor Wishes You Would Read:
(But is too embarrassed to ask)


What do you think about your pastor? Do you chew over his sermons and wonder if they are clear and helpful? Do you feel he spends enough time with you? In fact, do you ever catch yourself wondering what he does all day?

The truth is, often we think, “What can my pastor do for me?” Far less often do we think, “What can I do for my pastor?

Seasoned former pastor, Christopher Ash, urges church members to think about pastors not just in terms of what they do – how they lead and pray and preach and teach and so on – but about who they are. He encourages us to remember that pastors are people and to pray for them as they serve us.

Paradoxically, caring for our pastor will be a blessing to us as well as to them, and create a culture of true fellowship in our church family.

The shepherd tends the flock—we get that—but whoever thought of the flock looking after the shepherd! Christopher Ash has and, with his usual clarity and kindness, shows us what that means and why it matters. – Alistair Begg

We expect pastors to read quite a lot—of Scripture, and of books that help them understand and explain Scripture—so that they become better able to meet us in our need. The book you are holding in your hands is not one of those books. Rather, it is a book to help church members understand Scripture better so that they become better able to meet pastors in their need. After all, don’t you want their work to be a joy, not a burden (Hebrews 13:17)—a joy and not a burden both to them and to the sheep in their flock? I wonder how much the fruitful and happy functioning of a local church turns on believers who are grateful encouragers of their pastors, prayerful warriors who draw out from their under-shepherd the very best he can give them! – D. A. Carson

I was delighted that Christopher Ash’s new book unpacks the overlooked exhortation of Hebrews 13 v 17, namely, that it is the responsibility of the sheep to make the shepherd’s work a joy and not a burden. Christopher lays out seven ways to do so. I know of no other book like this—it is a “charge to the congregation” that is more specific and practical than anything else you will find in print. – Tim Keller


Christopher Ash

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