1 & 2 Chronicles Vol 2

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Former Principal of London Seminary, Philip Eveson, shows the unchanging relevance of the book of Chronicles for us today.

In today’s world, when Old Testament books like Chronicles are denied as being historically inaccurate, Eveson constantly shows us that the opposite is true. Throughout the commentary, he not only argues that it is free from historical error, but God–breathed, and therefore able to make us wise for salvation. Far from being irrelevant to the modern reader, Eveson brings helpful, insightful application from the Biblical narrative.

Eveson’s commentary is split over two volumes: Volume one containing 1 Chronicles and Volume two containing 2 Chronicles. However, he reminds us that 1 and 2 Chronicles are one undivided book and they should be read as such.

The genealogical line that the chronicler wrote of all looked to the Messiah. In reading Chronicles, so should we. The commentary is appropriate for all Christians who desire to see their Lord in all the scriptures. Eveson helpfully includes an application section with each passage that shows how it points to Jesus.

This book will be helpful to any readers who are seeking to find a deeper understanding of the books of Chronicles.


About Philip H. Eveson

Philip Eveson is the author of a number of Old Testament commentaries. He has been in pastoral ministry for many years and became principal of the London Theological Seminary. In retirement, he continues to teach the Old Testament and to preach. He and his wife, Jennifer, attend Borras Park Church, Wrexham, where his family also worships.

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