A Christian’s Pocket Guide to Being Made Right With God

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Justification is not a relic of the past – it has direct relevance to us as Christians today. We often struggle with the thought of justification because of human pride; “I can’t be that bad” and so justification is often undermined, wrongly presented or just plain ignored. Scripture though, is brutally clear: we have a real problem – the prospect of our lives marred by wrong-doing being laid out before an almighty God who is pure and will not forever let wrong go unpunished. We can’t earn our way out of our predicament – as this is just “rubbish” according to the apostle Paul. We need something else, someone who can take the hit we so richly deserve – leaving us to be declared innocent instead.

Dr Guy Waters is the Professor of New Testament at the Reformed Theological Seminary, Jackson, Mississippi who has a particular interest in the letters and the theology of Paul. He is a teaching elder in the Mississippi presbytery of the Presbyterian Church of America.

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Waters, Guy Prentiss, (Author)

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Christian Focus (2012), Edition: Poc, 96 pages

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