A Faith Worth Defending

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In A Faith Worth Defending, pastors and scholars celebrate the 400th anniversary of the Synod of Dort (1618–1619) and take another look at the document produced by this international gathering of theologians to defend the basic truths of the Reformation— the Canons of Dort. Writing with biblical clarity and heartfelt conviction, the authors demonstrate how Arminianism compromises a true understanding of the nature and effects of sin, the extent of Christ’s atonement, the scope of God’s sovereignty, and the essence of assurance, among other things. Positively, they show that the Canons of Dort are biblical, and the doctrines taught in them are critical to faith, piety, and practice. Sound doctrine matters no less today than it did in the seventeenth century, and the essays in this volume will inform the minds of twenty-first-century readers and feed their souls with the timeless truths regarding God, sin, and salvation.

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Payne, Jon D., (Author), Horton, Michael, Godfrey, W. Robert, Beeke, Joel R., Venema, Cornelis P., Bierma, Lyle D., Fesko, John V., Gordon, Christopher J., Payne, Jon D, Bidwell, Kevin J., Heck, Sebastian, Heck, Sebastian, Lanning, Ray B., Danny Hyde, (Author, Author, Author, Author, Author, Author, Author, Editor, Author, Author, Editor, Author, Author)

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Reformation Heritage Books (2019), 224 pages

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