Active Evangelism: Putting the Evangelism of Acts into Practice

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New theories come and go about methods of evangelism involving psychological concepts, social theory, marketing models, church growth strategy and obscure texts applied more widely than intended. The irony is that we have a model for evangelism staring us in the face in the story of the early church told by Luke through the book of Acts.

So, it’s time to realign your thoughts on evangelism in tune to what God has to say. It’s time for ACTive Evangelism.

Derek Prime guides us through the book of Acts giving very practical examples of how to do evangelism in the workplace, with our neighbours, to our families, as a church and individually. In each chapter Prime looks at the context the disciples were ministering in, the challenges they would have faced, the methods they used, and then applies it to our situation today.

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Prime, Derek, (Author)

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Christian Focus (2008), Edition: Revised edition, 192 pages

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