Anointed with the Spirit and Power

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A central truth of the Christian life is: we need the Holy Spirit in order to live it. Any individual who follows Jesus Christ must understand and depend on the Holy Spirit, the only inexhaustible power source in the universe. Without the it, we would have no lasting impact for God’s kingdom. Why, then, do we hear so little teaching on the Holy Spirit in many of our evangelical churches?

Anointed with the Spirit and Power traces the theme of Holy Spirit empowerment from Genesis to Revelation, focusing on the Spirit’s ministry to individuals and giving special attention to the Spirit’s involvement in the life, ministry, and mission of Jesus Christ.

The Explorations in Biblical Theology series addresses the need for quality literature that attracts believing readers to good theology and builds them up in their faith. Each title in the series combines solid content with accessibility and readability—a valuable addition to the library of any college student, thoughtful lay reader, seminarian, or pastor.


“This latest volume in the promising Explorations in Biblical Theology series should prove useful to pastors, students, and reflective Christians. John Harvey guides us through the pivotal biblical texts related to the Holy Spirit’s empowering work, especially noting the Spirit’s empowerment of Old Testament leaders and prophets, the person and ministry of Jesus, and the early church. This book is well organized, clear, fair, and helpful.”

—Christopher W. Morgan

“A first-class work that combines perceptive analyses, balanced insights, and helpful applications. Dr. Harvey is a first-class scholar, whose writing is crisp, direct, and engaging. His theology is thoroughly orthodox, and his insights, while expressed easily in common language, are profound. This is a small book on a big and explosive topic that is highly recommended for every Christian’s study and personal growth.”

—Richard N. Longnecker


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John D. Harvey (ThD, Wycliffe College, University of Toronto) is professor of New Testament and Greek at Columbia International University’s Seminary & School of Missions in Columbia, SC. His previous books are Listening to the Text: Oral Patterning in Paul’s Letters and Greek is Good Grief: Laying the Foundation for Exegesis and Exposition. He is a teaching elder in the Presbyterian Church in America.

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Harvey, John D., (Author), Peterson, Robert A., Editor, Series, (Editor, Editor)

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P & R Publishing (2008), 140 pages

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