Authentic Christianity volume 1: Acts 1-3

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This is the first of a series of volumes which bring together Dr Lloyd-­Jones’ preaching from the Acts of the Apostles. It covers texts from the first three chapters in the book which, he claimed, presented ‘authentic Christianity and nothing else.’

The Doctor was aware of how much people need ‘to know exactly what Christianity is and what the Christian church is.’ Just as many in the first century AD looked towards Jerusalem or Rome for answers to life’s problems, so people in our own time also look in the wrong direction and need to be directed to the only source of real help.

The message of Christianity is ‘Jesus and the resurrection’. The church in the Acts of the Apostles was prepared to live for this and die in it. Dr Lloyd-Jones constantly directs the reader to the same Saviour and the same life.


Publisher’s Foreword vii
1 Christianity – The Only Hope 1
2 The God Who Acts 17
3 The Great Fact of Prophecy 33
4 Becoming a Christian 48
5 Mind, Heart and Will 64
6 Separation 79
7 Continuing Steadfastly 94
8 The Apostles’ Doctrine 110
9 Doctrine First 125
10 The Fellowship 141
11 The Breaking of Bread 156
12 Prayer 169
13 Gladness 186
14 Singleness of Heart 199
15 Praising God 214
16 Rise Up and Walk 224
17 The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob 239
18 What Do You Think About Jesus? 254
19 The Return of Christ 270
20 Ignorance 285
21 The Heavenly Breeze 300
22 Thinking Again

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