Authentic Christianity volume 3: Acts 5-6

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Why should a modern reader consider the early chapters of Acts of the Apostles? In order, says Dr. Lloyd-Jones, ‘to discover what the Christian church is, what her message is, and what she is meant to do in this world’.

In this volume, the third in the present series which brings together much of Dr Lloyd-Jones’ evangelistic preaching on Acts, the main incidents in Acts 5:17-6:8 are reviewed and their lessons applied to the mind, heart and conscience of the reader. The arrest and miraculous release of the apostles, their preaching before the council, the advice of Gamaliel, the implications of the problem described in Acts 6:1, and the emergence and testimony of Stephen are considered in turn. Dr Lloyd-Jones’ burning desire throughout is that his hearers and readers should know ‘the glory and power of the Lord, as he was preached by the early church’.


Foreword vii
1 The Irrationality of Unbelief 1
2 ‘All the Words of This Life’ 19
3 The Content of the Message 37
4 Man’s Great Problem 52
5 Repentance – The Door to Forgiveness 67
6 A Complete Saviour 82
7 Christ the Prince 98
8 His Witnesses 115
9 The Resurrection – God’s Declaration 132
10 The Witness of the Holy Spirit 147
11 Moulded by the Gospel 163
12 The Nature of Unbelief 178
13 Gamaliel 193
14 The Name 209
15 The Work of the Spirit of God 225
16 Priorities 243
17 The Word of God 262
18 An Exclusive Message 282
19 Prayer 295
20 Called to Obedience 310
21 The Glory of the Gospel

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