Authentic Christianity volume 6: Acts 8:1-35

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In this concluding volume of Authentic Christianity, Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones shows the significance of the events recorded in Acts 8:1-35 for readers today. These sermons, preached between Oct. 1967 and Feb. 1968, are full of penetrating insights on such topics as man’s need for the gospel, the work of the Spirit, the supernatural character of true Christianity, repentance and faith, the danger of spurious belief, and the very heart and centre of the gospel in the sufferings and death of Christ, as explained by Philip to the man of Ethiopia.

The series on Acts was cut short by Dr Lloyd-Jones’ illness and consequent retirement as minister of Westminster Chapel. These concluding sermons therefore gain an added poignancy from the fact that the Doctor felt increasingly unwell. However, as he ministered God’s Word he was clearly supported by his own experience of the power of the truths he commended so passionately to others.


1 The Growth of the Church 1
2 Samaria and the Modern World 21
3 The Word 40
4 The New Birth 57
5 The Only Hope 70
6 Repent and Believe 87
7 Great Joy 105
8 The Holy Spirit 124
9 True and False Belief 145
10 The Gall of Bitterness and the Bond of Iniquity 165
11 In the Villages 184
12 The Supernatural 201
13 The Religious Life, or the Christian Life 218
14 Beyond Human Understanding 236
15 The Message 254
16 The Heart and Centre of the Gospel 271
17 The Death of Christ 286
18 Why Christ Had to Die 300

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