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A visually engaging exploration of apparent contradictions within the Christian faith.

One of the significant challenges in the Christian faith is the number of apparent contradictions the Bible presents. These paradoxes and mysteries can be difficult to understand. In Both–And Ross Cunningham takes 23 pairs of seemingly contradictory truths and concisely and clearly explains how they can co–exist.

The book is divided into three main sections – apparent contradictions in the divine nature; apparent contradictions in the experience of salvation; and apparent contradiction in the characteristics of being in Christ.

Ross Cunningham, who has a background in creative design, has introduced each chapter with an attractive graphic representation of the paradox in question.

Understanding apparent contradictions in Christianity.
‘In this fresh and accessible book, Ross Cunningham addresses antinomies of Christian faith and experience with clarity and faithfulness to the witness of Scripture.’
Trevor Morrow
Former Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland; Minister Emeritus, Lucan Presbyterian Church, Dublin
‘In the Christian life, can we be both weak and strong, free yet servants, in the world but not of it? Ross Cunningham’s engaging exposition of Christian faith and life addresses such questions and many more, in a way that is both intellectually satisfying and pastorally helpful. I commend the book warmly.’
Gordon McConville
Emeritus Professor of Old Testament Theology, University of Gloucestershire, Cheltenham
‘The dearth of theology among so many is addressed in this short, snappy book that examines baskets of these tension points in our faith and it examines them fairly, clearly and sensitively.’
Scot McKnight
Professor of New Testament, Northern Seminary, Lisle, Illinois
‘The combination of word and visual aid will help make difficult but essential Christian teachings more accessible. This book promotes a theology of balance, which is often lacking in our teaching today but is central to our Christian walk.’
Ivan Steen 
Minister, Windsor Presbyterian Church, Belfast
‘This is a colourful and creatively presented introduction to profound theological truth that will stimulate both mind and heart.’
Reuben Hunter
Pastor, Trinity West Church, Shepherd’s Bush, London
‘Both-And is clever, creative and clear. Most Christians will benefit from reading Ross Cunningham’s book—and a lot of non-Christians too. Taste and see…’
David Robertson
Author, Apologist, and Director of Third Space, Sydney
‘An exciting tightrope walk through twenty-three paradoxes of Christian theology and experience, helping us find equilibrium in areas where sometimes we can very easily lose our balance.’
Fergus Macdonald
Former Moderator of the Free Church of Scotland and General Secretary of the National Bible Society of Scotland
‘This book is a great teaching resource for small group settings, or an informal catalyst for conversations. I plan to harness its potential to help shape the thinking of a new generation of post-covid, young disciples of Jesus.’
David Gray 
Presbyterian Chaplain, Queen’s University, Belfast
‘The illustrations and biblically grounded explanations memorably communicate theological tensions so that we understand better both the complexity and simplicity of the big ideas of theology. I’m thankful for this excellent resource and expect that it will be of great help to those wanting to understand the answers to life’s biggest questions.’
Erik Thoennes
Professor and Chair of Theology, Biola University; Pastor, Grace Evangelical Free Church of La Mirada, California
From the Author
At first glance, the Christian faith appears to be full of contradictions. The Bible reveals that Jesus is both fully God and fully man; that God is a being of mercy but also of wrath; that we are both saints and sinners in God’s eyes. In Both-And, Ross Cunningham takes twenty-three pairs of seemingly contradictory truths, and through visually engaging graphics and clear language, explains the benefits of understanding their harmonious co-existence.
Ross Cunningham

About Ross Cunningham

Ross Cunningham studied Architecture at Nottingham University and has worked in the creative industry for over twenty years. He has worked primarily in London and across the UK, Russia and the Middle East. Ross recently returned to his native Northern Ireland with wife Emma and their three children. The family attend church Belfast, where Ross serves as part of the leadership team.

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