Breaking Through The Barriers: Leading Muslims to Christ


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How do we understand Muslim friends and neighbours and share the Gospel effectively with them?  This book describes Muslim culture, practices and faith, it contains information on the differences between Islam and Christianity, and how to answer questions including:

Is the Biblical God the same as Allah?

Is the Muslim Jesus, Isa, the same as the Jesus we know in the Gospels?

How do Muslims view heaven and hell?

What part does the second coming of Jesus play in Muslim thinking?

The book shows the ever-present spiritual conflict in evangelism and a chapter outlines how we ought to pray and what we need to do.

About the author:

Rosemary Sookhdeo was born in New Zealand where she qualified as a pharmacist. She came to Britain to study at London Bible College where she met her husband Patrick. Later she went on to do post-graduate theological studies at Oxford University. They took over a very large derelict site in the East End of London where they started the Barnabas Fund.

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Sookhdeo, Rosemary, (Author)

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Isaac Publishing LLC (2010), Edition: New edition, 160 pages

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