Building for the Gospel – A handbook for the visionary and the terrified

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This unique little book answers the issues we all have about church building projects. Naturally the cost is foremost in everyone s thinking. Julia Cameron helps people to put this in perspective. Drawing from the stories of five churches around the UK, Building for the Gospel engages with the real and valid questions arising in people s minds. For example Why invest in bricks and mortar when the church is really about people? Why can t we make do with what we’ve got? and Shouldn’t the money be spent on world mission instead? These questions, and others, are each handled respectfully. Both the visionary and the terrified will find themselves better equipped, and the doubtful will have their doubts addressed. Building for the Gospel is a gem of a book, easy to read and low-priced for everyone to have a copy. It aims to get the issues aired and talked about widely in a congregation, in a positive and hopeful spirit. So far as we know it is the only book to do this job. It is designed for churches of all denominations.


Julia Cameron 


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10Publishing (2007), Edition: 1st Edition, 72 pages

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