Ephesians Vol.2 God’s Way of Reconciliation 2:1-22

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It is impossible to over-estimate the importance of the second chapter of Paul’s Letter to the Ephesians. Of this chapter the author writes in his preface:

“It deals with the profoundest and most elevating themes of the Bible. It shows us man’s desperate need, it unfolds the glory of God’s grace, the wonder of the Cross of Christ, the breaking down of the middle wall of partition, and the reconciliation of Jews and Gentiles, and all others who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, in the kingdom of God.

“I know of no chapter in the Bible which states so clearly and so perfectly at one and the same time the essential evangelistic message for the unbeliever and the status and privileges of the believer.”

Dr Lloyd-Jones patiently unfolds the meaning of the apostle Paul’s teaching, highlights its contemporary significance, and applies it constantly to the reader. The person who wants to understand what the gospel is and why it is so necessary, will find his questions answered in these pages. Any Christian, floundering in the sea of “special blessings” which are held out to him on every side today, who gives attention to this same teaching will find that it is in the great foundation truths of the gospel that his peace and joy are to be found.

This volume is the second in a series of eight volumes.

In Good Condition, Dust Jacket slightly worn.

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Lloyd-Jones, D. M., (Author)

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The Banner of Truth Trust (1981), Edition: 1st Edition, 476 pages

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