Psalms – Songs from the Heart Vol 3

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Sometimes moving, passionate, beautiful, or heartbreaking, the book of Psalms is one of the most treasured books of the Bible. Many of us have a favourite psalm that we turn to encourage us when we’re struggling or to spur us on in love for the Lord. Even though they were written many hundreds of years ago, their poetry resonates with us as we relate to the truths they speak about the world, God, and ourselves. 

In this, the first of three undated devotions on the psalms, Graham Hooper walks us through Psalms 1–50. He explains the context of each psalm and explores what they teach us about God’s character. You’ll see how God still speaks to us today through this ancient book.

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Hooper, (Writer on Christian faith) Graham

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Leyland, England : 10 Publishing, 2018.

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