Darwin, Creation and the Fall

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2009 is the bicentenary of Charles Darwin’s birth, and the 150th anniversary of the publication of his epoch-making Origin of Species. Christians (particularly evangelicals) have debated the extent and mechanisms of evolution – and some have rejected neo-Darwinism entirely.
The relationship between the scientific understanding of human origins and the biblical story of human origins and the Fall raises numerous questions. How does the Christian doctrine of humanity relate to the biologist’s account of human evolution? If we accept the Darwinian picture, how do we understand the Fall and sin, ‘good’ and ‘evil’? What about the problem of evil and suffering?
David Wilkinson begins this stimulating volume by setting the doctrine of creation in the context of worship of the Creator.
R. J. Berry gives a historical survey, from Darwin’s own struggle to relate his science to his faith up to the continuing attempt in the present day to wrestle with the theological implications of evolution. Darrel Falk examines the theological challenges that arose for Darwin himself.
Richard Hess carefully examines the early chapters of Genesis. T. A. Noble clarifies the doctrine of original sin and offers some fresh thinking on the doctrine of the Fall. A. N. S. Lane takes a close look at Irenaeus’s view of the Fall and original sin.
Henri Blocher responds to attempts at theodicy which rationalize evil by denying the reality of the fall. Richard Mortimer engages constructively with Blocher’s previous writings.
In their concluding summary, the editors affirm that there is no conflict between Holy Scripture and modern science, and acknowledge that our quest for deeper understanding is ongoing.

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Intervarsity Press (2009), 208 pages

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