Divine Comedy – Human Tragedy

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What is life, a tragedy or a comedy? This isn’t a question of whether life is hilarious (mostly it’s not). It’s about whether life is hopeful. A tragedy has joy but it ends in pain — it’s shaped like a frown: up and then down. A comedy has pain but it ends in joy — it’s shaped like a smile: down and then up. So, what is life, tragedy or comedy?

The world tells you that life is a tragedy. It’s full of fun but it ends in the pit. Is there any hope? Easter tells you of a divine comedy. It’s the story of the Author entering our great drama, plunging down to the pit and rising up to joy. Could that story be true? Might there be someone who has taken our tragedy to give us his comedy? Read Divine Comedy and find out.

Short, but profoundly challenging — this brilliantly written booklet that takes the reader from Tragedy to Comedy, from Shakespeare to ‘The Life of Brian’ will make you think very deeply about the story of your life and present you with an eternal choice. ~ Rico Tice

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Scrivener, Glen, (Author)

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10Publishing (2018), 56 pages

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