Do Muslims and Christians Worship the Same God?

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Are Islam and Christianity essentially the same? Should we seek to overcome divisions by seeing Muslims and Christians as part of one family of Abrahamic faith?

Andy Bannister shares his journey from the multicultural streets of inner-city London to being a Christian with a PhD in Qur’anic Studies. Along the way, he came to understand that far from being the same, Islam and Christianity are profoundly different.

Get to the heart of what the world’s two largest religions say about life’s biggest questions—and discover the uniqueness of Christianity’s answer to the question of who God really is.

Andy is the Director of the Solas Centre for Public Christianity, an evangelism and training ministry based in Scotland. He is passionate about getting the gospel out of the four walls of the Church (and into places like coffee shops, universities, schools, pubs and so on). He also loves equipping Christians to share their faith at work or among their friends.

He did his theological study through London School of Theology (then London Bible College), doing first a BA in Theology and then a PhD in Qur’anic Studies. He got involved in evangelism through preaching to Muslims at Speakers’ Corner in London’s Hyde Park, and so wanted to dig really deeply into understanding Islam so he could engage his Muslim friends well.


A nuanced and sensitive examination, from an overtly Christian perspective, of how to negotiate a truth that is no less self-evident for being one that many prefer to draw a veil across: Christianity and Islam are not remotely the same.

Tom Holland

A must-read for the curious whether you have faith already or not. Prepare to be entertained, edified and gripped – I found myself unable to put it down.

Dr Amy Orr-Ewing

Few topics are more important in today’s world, and few authors are more qualified to address it.

Bruxy Cavey

We need thinkers who have studied both religions extensively. Andy Bannister is just such an expert and he helps us wrestle with this important question with the depth and care it deserves.

Randy Newman

This book is a must-read for all interested in inter-religious issues, both believers and non-believers.

Peter G Riddell

Persistently challenging, consistently provoking, deeply searching, and endlessly witty!

Anna Robbins

A sharp witted, big hearted, and clear minded romp through one of the most pressing religious questions of our time.

Dr Richard Shumack

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