Ezekiel (EPSC Commentary Series)

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Ezekiel’s call to the prophetic ministry came to him in exile in Babylonia during the period leading up to the final capture of Jerusalem and destruction of the temple.The first half of the book which bears his name pronounces God’s judgement on his people in the face of the widespread belief that, despite their persistent unfaithfulness and idolatry, God would never ultimately permit their city or temple to be overthrown. Yet, even in the midst of judgement, God had not utterly abandoned his people, and later chapters of the prophecy look forward to a future time when a redeemed Israel would once more worship and serve God in the land which he had promised to their fathers.

Peter Naylor (1937-2007) obtained his M.Th at the University of London, and then studied Semitics at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He was also awarded a Ph.D. from Potchefstroom University, South Africa. Before retirement he pastored congregations in Suffolk and then at Wellingborough, Northants, England.

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Evangelical Press (2011), 800 pages

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