Five Half TruthsFive Half Truths

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There are many types of lie, but perhaps the most dangerous and deceptive of all is the half–truth. A manipulative distortion of truth, it sounds convincing but is destructively distant from what is true. Flip Michaels tackles five half–truths that are commonly used as arguments against the validity of the Bible, Christianity, God, Christ and faith. He clearly and engagingly unveils the whole truth and explains why understanding the whole meaning is crucial. These five truths are:

The Bible was written by men and inspired by God.

All religions are the same, except Christianity.

God is love and holy, holy, holy.

Jesus is truly a man and truly God.

Our good deeds matter when preceded by faith.


A useful evangelistic tool, a helpful clarification for new believers or a valuable reminder for those who have been believers for a long time.

Flip Michaels

About Flip Michaels

Flip Michaels is an Associate Pastor at GraceLife Church outside of Hershey, Pennsylvania.

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Christian Focus (2018), Edition: Revised ed., 160 pages

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