Guid Wittins frae Docter Luik: The Gospel according to Luke in Ulster-Scots.

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Of the four gospels, the Gospel of Luke provides the fullest account of Jesus Christ’s life, death and resurrection. A Gentile doctor, Luke directed his attention primarily to a non-Jewish readership in order to bring the joyous message of salvation to those outside the Jewish faith and culture. Luke’s writing emphasises Christ’s humanity and His compassion for all people: for women and the poor, for the despised and the outcast, for the bereaved and the suffering. He also stresses the universality of the Gospel – that the wonderful free gift of salvation is on offer to men, women and children everywhere, irrespective of their social status or background. Ulster-Scots is the native tongue of many rural communities in northern Ireland, but one that has been primarily spoken rather than written. This translation of Luke’s Gospel – by Ulster-Scots speakers under the direction of professional Bible-translators – represents the first step towards rendering all four Gospels into Ulster-Scots. From the time of the earliest vernacular versions, the translation of the Bible, or parts of it, into any language has been a major landmark in the history and evolution of that language. Martin Luther’s translation had a profound impact on the development of Standard German. In a similar way, this translation of the Gospels will help to establish a new standard or benchmark for both spoken and written Ulster-Scots.

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