Last Things: Preparing for the Future in the Present (Banner Mini Guides)

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When discussing the ‘last things,’ what often comes to our minds is the book of Revelation and its striking visions – and often unhelpful speculation about their details. David McKay focuses instead on the Bible’s clear message about things to come: the Lord’s return, the certainty of judgment, the resurrection, and the reality of eternity. In doing so he returns to the real purpose of God’s revelation – providing comfort, warning, and strength to endure.


David McKay is Professor of Systematic Theology, Ethics and Apologetics at the Reformed Theological College, Belfast, and Minister of Shaftesbury Square Reformed Presbyterian Church in Belfast. He is the author of An Ecclesiastical Republic (1997), The Bond of Love (2001) and A Christian’s Pocket Guide to Humanity (2021) and has contributed to a number of theological journals and books. He is married to Valerie.

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